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A Children's Aid Organization:
Children for a better World


Children for a better World was founded in 1994 by Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, Gabriele Quandt and thirty other dedicated individuals. The founders chose to devote their time, money and networks to found a children’s aid organization that can make a positive impact in children's lives.
What makes us different? CHILDREN not only aims to address and improve the living conditions of children in need – we also involve them directly in multiple fields of charitable work, while enabling them to take responsibility for their lives, their future and the society they live in.

Therefore, we work in three different areas:

A group of children is cooking a meal.

CHILDREN Discoverer

In Germany 2.7 million children grow up in poverty. This equates to almost every fifth child. Some of them, for example, have never left the area they live in, been to a museum or have gone swimming. We support these disadvantaged children throughout Germany, so they can live healthily and develop important life skills. We do this by providing them with opportunities to cook and eat healthy meals, try new activities, or engage with peers while learning a new skill. To accomplish this, CHILDREN works closely with its supporters and countrywide network of local partners.

Socially-engaged young people smiling.

CHILDREN Youth helps!

Socially-engaged people are crucial for a strong and functional society. Young people are full of creative ideas to make the world a better place. Unfortunately many adolescents trying to make a difference are missing the support needed to take action with their own social projects. Our CHILDREN Youth helps! program supports children and young adults who are involved in their own social projects aimed at helping people in need. We offer support with funding, workshops and appreciation – because we truly believe that these children will significantly shape our future.

Children voting at the CHILDREN's council.

CHILDREN’s Council

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have a right to express their opinion and decide on issues that concern them. Our CHILDREN's councils, located in six German cities (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanau, Witten and Münster), delegate responsibility to adolescents who jointly decide how the funding of children's aid projects will be distributed. Through active participation, this program involves tomorrow’s decision makers and sensitizes them to social inequities. Furthermore it shows young people that it can be fun to be socially engaged.

Our vision

A world where all children - independent from their family background - can develop their personal strengths and talents, can contribute all of their enthusiasm and can shape a society worth living in.

Portrait picture of a girl smiling.

‘I would like to leave my neighborhood more often and do some activities. My parents never have time or money for it.’

Janine*, 10 years old,
CHILDREN Discoverer

Portrait picture of a young woman smiling.

‘The seminar from CHILDREN Youth helps! was a big motivational push. To be socially-engaged is not always easy. It was good to see that there are many other young people with social projects who share our problems.’

Regina, 19 years old,
CHILDREN Youth helps!

Portrait picture of a young man in a white dress shirt.

‘Nowhere else was I able to develop my critical thinking, my abilities to analyse and my socio-economic understanding more than during my six years at the CHILDREN’s council.’

Ilai, 17 years old,
CHILDREN’s Council


Help us support children and make a better future possible! 

How we work

So far, as a non-profit organization, we have been able to successfully support many projects for children throughout Germany. We have distributed more than 35 million euros in donations since our inception. See here what makes us (and our work) special:

Icon symbolizing participation.


We live by our slogan ‘With children. For children!’. We involve children in all areas of our work, listen to their suggestions and let them make decisions with us.

Impact measurement

We measure the impact of our programs. By doing so, we can show the long-term development of the children that we have supported.

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In our annual reports we publish our finances, show where our donations come from and how we spend the money. Our transparent way of communication has been recognized through awards like the PwC Transparency Prize.

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With our donors we work together in the spirit of trust. We believe in authentic and open communication and appreciate ideas and feedback.

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We work in all areas of Germany: In 45 cities we are there for children who live in poverty. And we support socially-engaged young people nationwide.

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CHILDREN stands for both high quality and professionalism. We have been awarded various prizes that repeatedly demonstrates: You can trust in us.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you.


Sandra Appel


Phone +49 89 452094310 (Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm)
E-Mail appel@children.de